Currently a visual communication designer at Puerto Rico.


RAM+DWIN | Visual Design Consultant

Consistent design and delivery of solutions for a wide variety of clients including small business, ad agencies, design studios and nonprofits. Responsibilities vary by project, from creative direction, conceptualizing and producing visual brand strategies, to innovative solutions to optimize client brand experience through print, digital and merchandising solutions. Clients have included Deya Group, Fideicomiso de Conservación de Puerto Rico, Para la Naturaleza Inc., Torres CPA Group and Universidad del Turabo, among others.

SUAGM UNIVERSITY SYSTEM, TURABO UNIVERSITY | International School of Design & Architecture | Adjunct Professor & Photography Studio Director

Active teacher at the undergraduate program, Graphic Design Department. Courses currently or recently taught include Black & White Image Studio, Typography I, Typography II, Graphic Design Studio I, User Interface Design, Portfolio Studio and Senior Design Project Co teaching. Additional responsibilities include the creation and management of the student evaluation instruments according to institutional standards. Responsibilities as Photo Studio Director encompass planning, coordination and documentation of student and faculty projects and of required school events, as well as managing all studio services and coordination of interns. Graphic design courses are also regularly taught to high school students within this academic platform.

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TIGUERE  | Graphic Designer

Design team member at boutique agency centered in the production of graphic and visual solutions for private clients, mostly with editorial design, digital design and print design needs, but also pertaining to commercial slots and ad space for digital and printed media. Mostly responsible for implementation of brand approaches and delivery of nal designs for production.

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MAMPOSTEAO | Visual Brand Design Consultant

Creative director in charge of brand environment research, concept and visual strategy development for logo and brand identity systems, product packaging, web design and editorial design, among other product-specic applications. Clients include El Mesón Sandwiches, Vaca Negra Inc., Productos Tere, Chef Piñeiro, Chef Vivoni and others, mostly centered (but not limited to) the food industry.

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PARA LA NATURALEZA (Puerto Rico Conservation Trust) | Graphic Design Consultant

Worked within the communications department but in constant engagement with in-house clients from all divisions of this private land trust. Responsible for idea and concept development of graphic solutions for print and digital media, as well as for merchandising and fundraising deliverables. Project areas included digital and print calendars for event reservations, volunteer engagement and incentive materiales, advertising and invitations for high-end fundraisers and special events, eld materials for NSF-funded citizen science programs, forms for human resources department and signage for natural areas and visitor centers. Key player in the planning, coordination and design work for all materials needed for the organization’s annual Feria Para la Naturaleza, a public event with 4,000-plus visitors that involves multiple exhibition modules, interactive games and booths along with multiple merchandising items and sponsored giveaways, among many other items.

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ESTUDIO INTERLÍNEA | Junior Graphic Designer

Design team member at boutique agency centered in the production of graphic and visual solutions for private clients, mostly with editorial design, logo design, print and digital media. 

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While I Study

VERNET | Student/Junior Designer

Virtual Education Service for Public Schools, software based company that closely collaborates with Hougton Mifflin Harcourt. Mostly centered in the production of graphic and visual solutions for events, editorial and print and digital promotions.


The International School of Design & Architecture have a program that provide their students work in a real client-designer relationship with the mentoring of professors and industry leading designers. We mostly design & develop concept to final production phase projects.

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PUERTO RICO ART MUSEUM | Volunteer/Student/Junior Designer

Volunteer at the marketing office of the MAPR, working with the webmaster on email marketing and with the sales department on the managing of the visual merchandising, and MAPRStore promotions and strategies on print and digital. I have the honor to work in the first Campechada.

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Before that :)

OvernigthStocker at Walmart (Definitely learn about brands and Packaging)

 Bicycle Mechanic at Dream on Wheels (Uncle Store) :)

Graffiti Writer on 00725Crew 


Craft-based design skills

Illustration skills

Illustration skills & lettering

Illustration skills & exhibition Design

Idea-based design skills


Brand identity

Visual Brand Design From an strategy perspective.

* My Wife do the Animation, her name is Ana.

Identity manual / Guideline Systems

Logo Design


Packaging Design

Digital projects

Digital project (Experiments with 360º video)

Digital projects (ID+SquareSpace Website)

Digital projects (Our island Topography on small pieces) *Type setting by in-house designer.

Digital projects (With my new Sony a6500) 

Digital projects (Video)

 Film Panasonic GH3 | *Editing by Ismacm *No color corection

Art Direction | *Camerographer & video editing by Anexis Morales

Art Direction & video editing | *Camarographer  Anexis Morales and Luis Vazquez

Senior Design project event about the lack of design culture and events in Puerto Rico.


A little about me