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404 Coffee & Beers


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The error

Being an error is in our DNA. Founded by a designer and a computer engineer 404 seemed to be the perfect name for our space. A space where the ordinary is not found. A space where the call to action is to drink, think, but most importantly, create. That’s why we drink coffee and beers

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The Prelanuch

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Sharing images

404 Coffee & Beers is a place to eat, drink, think and create with hand pick coffee and beers in a space designed to be creative or just relax. 404 Coffee & Beers es un lugar para comer, beber, pensar y crear con café y cervezas en un espacio diseñado para ser creativo o pasarla bien.

Our Grand Opening

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Design Project Scope

Visual Brand Strategy

Visual Brand Design

Visual SubBrand Design

Brand Voice

Brand Slogan

Identity Systems


Web Design

Email Marketing

Print & Digital Material




Design Team

Ramdwin González

Ana Luisa Emmanuelli

Pedro Anibarro

Anexis Moralez